Bringing utmost security to mobile devices.

SecuriMobile brings first-rate security to mobile phones through an innovative offering that utilizes voice biometric technology. Our solutions are designed to secure access to mobile devices, mobile applications, and mobile transactions.
Your irreproducible voice is your password.

VoiceLock, SecuriMobile's patent-pending product suite, utilizes voiceprint identification technology to equip mobile applications with the highest level of security. It provides the least invasive user-experience while significantly reducing the risk of fraud and impact of device theft. VoiceLock comes in two offerings: VoiceLock Transaction and VoiceLock Enterprise.
Management at your finger tips.

Our web-based portal, MSecurityManager, provides "command and control" features for an entire fleet of diverse mobile platforms that use VoiceLock. With MSecurityManager, we or your organization can manage your application's transaction performance, user profiles, voiceprints, and devices.